Where to Start

The first step is to book a free 30 minute consultation so you can let me know what’s going on, and what you’d like resolved as well as the final result you’d like to see. Even if you're not sure you'd like or need help - please call and we can find out.

Expulsions, Suspensions, behavior problems, ​appropriate progress is delayed, denial of special education services, inappropriate supports in the classroom, IEP conflict, not appropriately included in education, retaliation, services withheld, exclusion from school activities, transportation issues, IEP goals. 

If there are any issues your child is facing which limits his/her ability to access education and thrive in the least restrictive appropriate environment.


Next, we’ll sign a contract, and 2 forms below for your district, granting access to information about your child. You’ll also send me the current IEP and Triennial if applicable. This helps me get a top level picture of what’s going on with your child’s plan.


We’ll check in as needed to go over strategy or any questions you many have. 


Bay Area, California




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